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New in Sparta-Scape

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Posted 23 February 2017 - 11:01 PM

Hello you fantastic humans!


There are a few new things in Sparta-Scape going on, and I have been blessed with the task of informing you of such updates, so buckle in and enjoy the ride! (It's going to be awesome)


PLEASE TAKE NOTE: When you see narrative in brackets (such as this), that is me, talking to you directly (or myself), so please enjoy my little comments. (I am so hip, I fit right in).


First of all, there was a pretty nifty update that happened this week, for those of you I did not have the chance to inform already:


Dragon bones will now be dropped as noted items in the wilderness, as well as in the Frost Dragon area in the Donator Zone. So feel free to camp your lives away :).


The Slayer Shop has been restocked, and now our lovely Slayer Point Exchange Fairy™ carries Void armour, as well as a Fighter Torso. (Please see in-game for how much they cost, separately). 


That's all. Good-bye. (That's not all, folks!)


Strykewyrms (I made it green, because Jungles are my fav) and Frost Dragons have now been added into the queue for possible slayer tasks! Not only is that wicked in itself, but these two monsters(bosses, really) drop a HECK of a lot of cash. (I'm going to refer from swearing in here so that I seem like a good human. I am. Moving on.)


Now, for the upcoming updates: 


Travis has been working very ( :huh: ) hard ( :mellow: ) on the Max Cape™, which i'm sure you have all been eagerly waiting for. ALSO

(this is a jaw dropping moment)


Boss Pets! These nifty little slaves will be coming out in the near future as well, so i'm going to urge you to hold onto your best gear in order to go snag one of those creatures for yourself!


If you have further ideas and feel like your ideas are not being heard on the Suggestions Board, Feel free to comment some below! I will read all (most) of them very carefully, and respond when possible!


(Also check out my boss and price guide because they're accurate and the boss guide is semi-funny)


For now, that seems to be all. In conclusion, all of you have been doing fantastically, and I hope to see more of you in-game!


The Sparta-Scape Staff Team, (Failed Noob/Ryley, really).


(The End)

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